H1 Alpha for 2006


Comparison with 2004 model year Hummers:
Item/Spec 2004 2006 Alpha
Vehicle Height 75in 77in (+2 in)
Weight, Wagon 7608 lbs. 8114 lbs. (+506 lbs)
Weight, Open Top 7263 lbs. 7847 lbs. (+584 lbs)
GCWR 15,300 lbs. 17,300 lbs. (+2000)
Maximum Towed Load, Wagon 7592 lbs. 9036 lbs. (+1444)
Maximum Towed Load, Open Top 7937 lbs. 9303 lbs. (+1366)
Acceleration at Curb Weight, 0-30 mph 0-30 mph 5.0 sec. 4.07 sec 23% faster
Acceleration at Curb Weight, 0-50 mph 12.0 sec. 8.37 sec. 43% faster
Acce;eratopm at Curb Weight, 0-60 mph 16.5 sec. 13.5 sec 22% faster
Engine Data:
Horsepower 205HP@3200RPM 300HP@3000RPM +46%
Torque 430lbs-ft@1800RPM 520lbs-ft@1600RPM +21%
Bore and Stroke 4.06x3.82in 4.055x3.897in
Compression Ratio 20.2:1 17:1
Transmission Gear Ratios:
1st 2.48:1 3.10:1
2nd 1.48:1 1.81:1
3rd 1.0:1 1.41:1
4th 0.75:1 1.00:1
5th N/A 0.71:1
Reverse 2.08:1 4.49:1
Fluid Capacities
Engine (crankcase only) 7qt 10.5qt +3.5qt
Engine (crankcase with new filter) 8qt 12.25qt +4.25qt
Cooling System 26qt 33qt +7qt
Main Fuel Tank 25gal 29.5gal +4.5gal
Aux Fuel Tank 17gal 22gal +5gal

Additional 2006 changes:

  • 2" body lift.
  • 12" brake rotors (up from 10.7").
  • 12,100 GVW half shafts (heavier).
  • Much beefier steering gear box.
  • Increased transfer case input shaft diameter.
  • Redesigned cooling fan drive mechanisim, straight pull through cooling stack which includes intercooler. Claimed vastly improved cooling.
  • Helical hub gears for reduced noise and "rock".
  • 4in exhaust.
  • Two tone wheels.
  • $20K MSRP increase over 04.
  • Wagon - $137,500.00
  • Open Top - $126,200.00

Pricing: Base price of an open-top will be $125,160. Base price for a wagon will be $136,483. Options will be priced the same as 2004 models.

Driving impressions:

This truck rocks! Runs like an H1 should. Very meaty midrange. Vastly improved on highway driveability. Engine not much benefit off-road but Allison transmission is. Lower ratios yield improved engine braking and crawl ratio. Tow / haul mode is great, automatic downshifts.

Available February, 2005. Anticipated production 750 units. That number subject to change.

More Driving Impressions

Alpha - The ultimate extension of HUMMER performance

HUMMER will produce a performance series, called Alpha, which takes the brand's legendary capabilities to their ultimate extension. As with all things HUMMER, it starts with the original H1. Here's a preview:

  • The 2006 H1 Alpha, launching in early 2005, will feature GM's award-winning 6.6L Duramax Turbo Diesel, mated to the outstanding Allison 1000 transmission.

  • The Duramax will bring more power, improved emissions performance, and an unexpected fuel economy gain to the H1, along with adding to its already-unmatched off-road capabilities.

HUMMER's growth strategy began with the introduction of the H2 in 2002. The H2 SUT, featuring a unique rear cargo bed, debuted in June of 2004 and is in high demand at HUMMER dealers with strong initial sales.


According to this article in The Detroit News from July 28, 2004, "GM partner AM General will stop building the conventional H1 this fall, then build H1 Alphas early next year."

Hi-Res version of the Alpha badge


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