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The Hummer Network

The Hummer Mailing List FAQ
(answers to Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is a mailing list?

A: On the Internet, the term "Mailing List" refers to an e-mail based discussion group. It is a list of e-mail addresses of those who are subscribed to the list (the members). The list has an e-mail address of its own. Messages sent to the list are automatically sent out to each member of the list. Each member of the list will receive all messages sent to the list.

Q: Subscribe? Does it cost anything?

A: No. Perhaps "subscribe" is a poor word choice, but it's the one that is universally used to mean belonging to a mailing list. It's also used to refer to Usenet Newsgroups that one normally accesses. There is no cost or obligation in either case.

Q: How does the Hummer Mailing List work?

A: The Hummer Mailing List is automated. It uses list management software to automatically send out messages to the list, to subscribe and/or unsubscribe people and to perform other maintenance duties. In this case, the software is known as "majordomo".

Q: What should I expect if I join the Hummer Mailing List?

A: It's a very active list. You can expect 40 to 70 or more messages per day, all of which pertain to Hummers in one way or another. There are many very knowledgeable people on the list, as well as many dealerships, so there will be a lot of useful information coming your way. It's a great resource for anyone interested in Hummers. You will be able to get answers to questions or solutions to problems in a very timely manner.

Q: What's the difference between the Web Forum and the Mailing List?

A: The only real difference is the format. Both the Web Forum and the Mailing List contain the same messages and information. If you prefer to have the messages delivered to you via e-mail, then the Mailing List is for you. If you prefer to access these messages via the web rather than by e-mail, then the Web Forum would be a better choice for you. Please note that if you only check your e-mail occasionally, your e-mail box can fill up with messages from the mailing list. If this is the case, the Web Forum is recommended.

Q: Why can't I use an alias address when joining the Hummer Mailing List?

A: If you use an alias address, one which simply forwards mail to your actual e-mail address (perhaps using a service such as Netforward), it can cause problems for the list administrator. If there's ever a problem with your e-mail, the list administrator will be unable to track it down if a completely different address (an alias) appears on the list for you.

Q: I use aggressive spam blocking, or my ISP does. Will this be a problem?

A: It might be. Mailing lists are often the innocent victims of the spam wars. Some ISPs may sometimes mistake e-mail from a mailing list as spam and block it. If you suddenly stop receiving list mail, this may be the reason. If there is evidence of blocking of your list mail, you may be contacted by the list administrator about it.

If you use one of those systems that blocks ALL e-mail which does not come from an address on a list of approved senders, you should not use the mailing lists or web forums at all. This is because e-mail will come from hundreds, perhaps thousands, of different senders. It is not practical to add them all to your list of approved senders, and it's considered rude to have automated messages sent to anyone who posts a message to the forums or mailing lists requiring them to be approved to send e-mail to you. If you employ such a system to avoid spam, please do not sign up for any of our mailing list or for the web forum. In our opinion, these systems do far more harm than good, and only add to the spam problem by blocking a great deal of legitimate e-mail.

Q: Do I have to own a Hummer to join the list?

A: While the list was originally intended for Hummer owners to share technical information and for prospective owners to have their questions answered, Hummer enthusiasts are also welcome. The only requirement is the desire to know more about Hummers.

Q: What is a digest?

A: The list management software saves up messages sent to the list and, when it reaches a specified file size, sends this compilation out as a "digest" to all who belong to the digest version of the list. The advantage of the digest version is that you will receive only a few messages per day (sometimes only one), making it easier to scan through the material, skipping messages that may not be of interest to you. The disadvantage is that you don't receive each message at the time it is distributed to the list. You may not get it (as part of a digest) until the next day.

Q: Can I belong to both the main and digest versions of the list?

A: Yes, but you'll receive even more e-mail as a result. Many people belong to both versions of the list. They receive each message in a timely manner and save the digests in order to maintain their own archive of the information generated by the list.

Q: What e-mail addresses do I need to know?

A: You will receive the posting address for the list when you join. Be sure to read the "Welcome" message which will be sent to you via e-mail.

To contact the list-owner, send an e-mail to info (at)

Q: Is there anything that I should not send to the mailing list?

A: Chain Letters, Spam, excessively long messages or totally irrelevant material will not be tolerated. Violaters may be removed from the list immediately or have posting privileges revoked.

Also, do not post messages or use sig files containing political, religious or advertising messages. Lengthy sig files are discouraged.

Photos, images, files or any kind of e-mail attachments can not be sent out over the mailing list. These can be posted to the web forum.

NEVER EVER put an auto-responder on a mailing list. An auto-responder is a sytem that automatically responds to any and all e-mails received with a generic message. These are sometimes used by people who will be away from their computers for a period of time, such as going on vacation. Auto-responders cause many problems for a mailing list, as you'll realize if you think about it. It will respond to every message sent out via the mailing list. They can cause mail loops. If you plan to use an auto-responder and it can be set to ignore (not respond to) messages from the mailing list, that would be OK as long as you remember to do so. Otherwise, you should unsubscribe from the mailing list before setting up an auto-responder. An auto-responder attached to an address on the HML will result in that address being removed from the HML immediately.

Finally, do not send a message to the list asking to be unsubscribed or removed from the list. Know how to unsubscribe yourself (see below).

Q: How do I remove myself (unsubscribe) from the Hummer Mailing List?

A: Go to the main page of the web site,, click on "Mailing Lists" in the upper left portion of the main page. You will find the options to leave or unsubscribe.

Q: How do I join the Hummer Mailing List?

A:Click Here.