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Anza Borrego Ca., Feb. 27, 1999

(click on any photo for a larger version)

The trip took place around Anza Borrego Ca., just west of the Salton Sea. It all took place on Saturday Feb 27th. 8 Hummers made the trip.

Looking over hood at tiny little yellow Hummer: Path down into the Anza Borrego Badlands.

White Hummer driving down hill: Andy Guillen speeding down the slopes.

Shot of yellow Hummer from behind: Mike Bilek's new spare tire set up!

Dusty trail of seven Hummers: The last bit of vegetation before NOTHING!

Up close of green Hummer: Me and my beast...note the bald tire. Time to spend the $$$!

White Hummer heading towards camera: Andy Guillen entering the many hours of crevice driving.

8 Hummers lined up in crevice: All of us taking a short break in the Badlands.

Palm trees with tiny Hummers: Stopping off at 17 Palms, an Oasis in the Badlands. There was even a tiny mud puddle!

Front view of the group: Deciding which way to get out at the end of the day. Thank goodness for GPS!

Me overlooking the Badlands...truly amazing sight!!