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AZHOG January 2007 Snow Run

We had a total of 9 trucks - 1 H3, 1 H2 (Mike Milburn's), 1 Jeep, and the rest were H1's. We staged at one of our usual staging areas and took off from there. Even with a stopoff at a local McDonalds, we still got there in plenty of time.

We met up with Chris Kahlert at the Stoneman Lake Road Exit, and continued on into the forest. We went into the Rattlesnake Cove habitat and proceeded into the trail....where my truck promptly got stuck. Keith pulled me out, and started onward to break the trail to a prior clearing that we've used for lunch.

Lunch and a quick snowball play with the kids occurred in a clearing within the Rattlesnake habitat.

After lunch, we proceeded to head towards Lake Kinnikinnick road, where another prior photo op occurred a few years back. In the process, we pulled out a Ford Excursion, and then headed toward the lake road. That was when I found out that my synthetic winch cable was not only slightly tangled, my winch circuit breaker tripped as well.

Once on the lake road, we ended up being shut out by a locked gate. From there, my truck, Mike's H2, and the H3 got stuck. I got pulled out of the ice patch I was in, and had to run the trail backwards just to make sure I didn't get stuck trying to turn it around.

We all extracted ourselves with some assistance from each other, and then headed to part of the shores of Mormon Lake, where some snowmobile tracks were recently laid.

After another quick play session of both letting the kids play, including some snow tube surfing behind Ron's H1 and doing some donuts, we started to head back...where Ron's H1 got stuck in the side of the road. We quickly got his truck unstuck while learning that the rest stop restrooms were locked.

We all headed out, had dinner at Johnny Rockets, and all headed home from there.

The snow level was nice. It was a fine, powdery snow, and it packed itself in so much in places that I still had packed snow in my truck this morning. The road conditions were somewhat interesting. Some parts were slushy, others were dry packed snow that had this blowing/swirly effect, and others were icy. One turn was so icy that you could spin your truck out in the turn. Other straight parts of the trail were so icy that I could torque steer my truck sideways down the trail.

Either way - as soon as I can get all the pictures collected, I'll post them on AZHOG.

Carnage count (if you can call it carnage):

  • Body Damage - 0
  • Total stucks - 5
  • Spinouts - 2
  • Vacuum Line - 1
  • Tangled winch line - 1