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Michigan Snow Run - January 25, 2003

There were about 35 hummers total. Most were H1s. There was about 6 H2s. As expected the H2s did very well. In some cases they out performed the H1s. There was a couple of VERY steep hills that some H1s got stuck on, had to back up and go again. Most of the H2s went though fine and one or two had to back up and go again as well.

We were split into two groups. One trail with scratches and one without. I was on the trail with the scratches and since I brought truck shields was not to worried about pin-stripping the paint. Actually my rig got keyed a few weeks ago on the passenger side so it is scheduled to be in the body shop next week. Therefore I only put my shields on the driver side. Got a few strange looks...

There was three breakdowns. One H1 on our group that took a steep hill to fast and did something to their water pump or radiator. I did not get the exact damage. You can see pictures of it being towed out (link below). In the other group, one H1 got damaged and an H2 broke a differential locker. I was not there to see it and just overheard someone talking about it so I do not have the details on that.

Jerry Reynolds' photos

Out of 37 trucks confimed..35 showed! A and B runs were a blast. 12" to 16" of snow in places made the trails come to life in Grayling winter wonderland. Hours of fun...lots of good Hummer buddy chitchat and the trails were loaded with beautiful sites and great play areas. Goody bags, mugs, giveaways made the gathering warm and festive.

Oh yes.....we did have a few casualties...Rick Schmidt's (me) my 1996 H1 wouldn't start once I got up there (UGH)...George Hubbard from Pennsylvania broke a Halfsahft on a hill climb, Indiana Dealer Lockhart Hummer took out a rear diff on a H2...and Matt Hill in his new H1 came down hard on a hill and took out his Radiator and some other parts....but with pinstripes being the minor inconvenience for the rest of us...all went very very well..and we are ready to tackle 2004!

Special thanks to Troy and Karen Frank B/C leader and Lee Townsend A leader for nothing less than a stellar event! Roberta Beauchamp our website administrator for helping out with the greetings and hand outs....and many many thanks for Dan Eakins and Mike Morris for helping Matt out of the field with a rescue tow!!!

The Holiday Inn was fantastic...welcome signs, staff...everything! Grayling sent a photographer and reporter to do a local story. The vendors for the goody bags and gifts are the best!!! And the Hummer Dealers that joined in, Friendly Hummer-Mt.Clemens Mi, Capital Hummer Lansing MI., and Lockhart from Indianapolis IN......Thank you so very much for your support and bringing your Hummers and gifts.

But most of all......thanks to all the IHOGGERS that made it to the Snow Run.... and made it the best one yet!!!! There's nothing else like Hummer Owners!!!!

See ya...
Rick Schmidt-coordinator