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Pismo Beach, California - April 24, 2004


I want to thank everyone for coming out and joining in on the great fun. We had a splendid turn-out with a perfect mix of H1's and H2's. As usual, everybody got along great and we gathered with our Hummers to enjoy some great offroading under the sun.

The weather was perfect and the beach wasn't nearly as crowded as last year. The wind didn't kick-up and everything went great. We were joined by our Northern Californian group who showed up with about 4 rigs, it takes guts to own a Hummer in the nation's stronghold for greenies & environmentalist. Thanks for coming down guys!!!

On Saturday morning our group of nearly 30 Hummers gathered and headed out into the dunes. We ran bowls, climbed hills and dropped down some steep backsides. Aside from a few incidents where a few rigs where traction-challenged, things went great. After the group-run we broke into smaller groups and everybody did their own thing.

Later we met at a park where Damon put together a great BBQ featuring Santa Maria style tri-tip, salad, bread and beans. It was a great meal where we got to chat amoungst ourselves and enjoy some good stories.

**engage poetic stuff**

After exploring the profound depths of our appetites, we returned to the beach and sparked-up a nice bon-fire, then it was time for night-ops! Larry's son had a bit more in mind then a leisurely stroll over the flats....our group soon found ourselves running a high-speed assault through the dunes under the cover of nightfall. The fog was heavy and our lights blared deep into the abyss as our Hummers roared into the depths of darkness with undeniable authority and resounding determination. We definitely had an "Apocolypse Now" thing going on. We soon came upon Competition Hill and brought our excessive accessory illumination to bear upon it's forbidding wall. In no time Hummers were all over the bowl creeping along and blasting sand in all directions....later Larry would look at his son and say "you did what?????!!!!!"

After sufficient nocturnal endulgement, we headed back to the campsite using the GPS to home-in on our base. The fire was soon blazing evn higher, cigars were lit and you'd think we started drinking...but we kept it to milk & cookies (uh-huh....). Damon brought some greater illumination to our evening by tossing some magnessium run-flats into the fire: at last, a practical application for run-flats!

We enjoyed ourselves well into the night, with the fire burning and the ocean crashing in the background. Oh was a good thing in the right way. If you made it, thanks for coming....if you missed it...well, you figure it out.

Btw, my wife and kids had a great time. The wife freaked a bit on the dunes, kids giggled and cheered incessantly. As in....I knew it!!!!!!

HUGE THANKS to Damon for all his outstanding effort in putting together this event....he....he....he complete's us! Thanks bro!!!!

And in conclusion:

Price of event: zero (as usual)
Cost of dinner: $10 per head
Cost of gas/diesel: $75
Fun factor: off the charts
Value of: Seeing Manny from predator catch air and slam into the dunes only to propel his head into the roof, Seeing Shari do more with her H2 then 98% of most guys will ever do, Jamming through the dunes and hearing my kids laughing, and having fun with my Hummer buddies and doing what Hummers were intended to do......freakin' priceless We collectively rock! Thanks gang!!!!!!