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Reno Rendezvous - June 12-16, 2005

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I just finished attending my first Hummer Club event, the Reno Rendezvous 2005 coordinated by Mr. John North.

The event was attended by approx. 45 Hummers and their owners and families from all over, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Missouri, Illinois, Arizona and I am sure a few other states. We had one Humvee, the my '93 HMC4 was the second oldest in the bunch, H2,s and H1's all the way up to several Alpha's. One Alpha owner just took possession of his rig 12 days prior. We had three AM General representatives and several techs who brought their own Alpha and support trailer w/ parts and tools.

We started with a Sunday night get together dinner, then off to the trails Monday thru Thursday with a dinner Tuesday and a final dinner on Thursday.

They gave us quite a few trail options from all skill level from an intro course to the Rubicon Trail. Unfortunately Nevada got hit with some pretty serious snow this winter so the Rubicon was not passable so the coordinators offered the Moon Rocks instead. Not that a few folks from Ohio didn't try the Rubicon Trail and a one nighter turned into a two nighter. I've lived here in northern Nevada for 22 years and never even heard of some of these locations Mr. North and his crew found for us.

I got to take an Alpha for a little cruise in the Black Rock Desert with a Rep. Very impressive!

Mr. Rod Hall joined us for a dinner and hosted a desert trail seminar for a pretty large group of us. He gave us all a hot lap on a track he's got on BLM land at about 50+ mph while sipping his coffee.

The event was very well organized and implemented. My hats off to Mr. John North, Ron Bomoff, Linda North and the rest of the crew who made the event happen.

I had a GREAT time, thank you Hummer Club, Mr. North and AM General.


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