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Hungry Valley OR Park
Gorman, California - Nov. 3, 2002


I was at Gorman this weekend for the Hummerclub event. We got word that an H1 had flipped. Sure had! NOT a pretty sight!

Just prior to the H1 running up the H2 went up the hill twice with no problems at all. From what I heard, the H1 started slipping on the front wheels and began to turn sideways....before you knew was too sideways and flipped over. NOBODY WAS HURT!...but it went over hard!

An old Toyota Landcruiser had got to the scene first...which apparently gave him first-crack at using his winch. After placing straps on the front and back wheels of the H1, they carefully pulled the H1 over. As it came over they used jusssssst enough to pull it then landed on its tires BUT had enough momentum to start to roll over again. It teetered slowly at a peak (the gathered crowd ooowing and awing)...and just when you thought it would fall back down to it's tires... IT ROLLED AGAIN! At least it had enough energy to follow through with another roll and land on it's tires.

Oil had come out of its air-intake, the whole roof was punched down, and the center beam of the windshield had tweaked. The inside was a mess. I don't think she's totalled....but it's gonna be expensive!

The Damage: