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It's a very basic setup for now. In the coming days and weeks, as I find time, lots more will be added. It will also be customized to give it an SRC look and feel.

This is a full-featured forum where you can post photos, files, videos, etc.

Even if you were registered on the old message board, you will have to register for the new forum. Since forum spamming is a huge problem, new registrations are set to require admin activation in order to prevent spammers from gaining access. If it were set to user activation, the spammers would have a field day. I know it's an inconvenience, but it's just another way that spammers have ruined things for everyone else.

Since I established this web site, I've found SRC had, and still has, numerous fans and admirers. I've been a fan since 1968 when I came across a copy of their first album in a record shop in Cleveland and purchased it on impulse. In 1969, about a month after the release of Milestones, I started in Progressive Rock Radio. I immediately started to give SRC airplay and continued to do so until I retired from radio in 1996, having played SRC music in the southwestern U.S. Yet, their popularity has not increased in that part of the country as a result.

This web site was just an idea I had on May 4, 1999 after searching the Web for anything on SRC and coming up empty. Since establishing this site, however, I have heard from a surprising number of SRC fans.

The most outstanding thing about SRC, in my opinion, is the lead guitar work of Gary Quackenbush. Since the 1960s, I've heard thousands of bands and thousands of guitar players, but I've never heard anyone come anywhere close to capturing the kind of sound that Gary Quackenbush did. It's that tearing, ripping, shredding feedback guitar that gave SRC its unique character.

While you're here, you should check out audio samples of my personal favorite Gary Quackenbush guitar solos.


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