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Postby jkm1 » Thu Feb 06, 2014 7:21 pm

Hi Glenn,

I've been a [b]hugh[b] fan of SRC 'since the albums were released! I grew-up just 'down the road' from you, and involved in the local music scene in that area, and the impact the "Milestones" lp (in particular) had on many of the musicians/bands in that area was almost like a re-release of "Meet The Beatles" -- so original and a sound never heard before !!

My question for you -- and any other band members, aswell -- is songwriting credit. On the first two albums, (even) credits were given to all members. Did one or more members usually 'come-in' with a song idea (ie, chord structure), and someone else 'usually' furnished the words, or was it really a fairly even divide? Who did what, and on what album? Did songwriting duties evolve (different members writing) as the albums progressed?

Thanks for your answers -- a fan forever . . . !

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