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The HUMMER Network at - The H1 and HMMWV Web Site


The Hummer Network

Established June 26, 1996.

The oldest HUMMER web site on the Internet!

  This is the home of the world-famous HML, an Internet Community of HUMMER owners and enthusiasts. The mission of the HML and this web site is to facilitate online communication among those concerned with HUMMER vehicles, as well as serving as a storehouse for information generated by this Internet Community.

  The HML has now been integrated with a state-of-the-art web forum to provide the very best in online communication. With nearly 8,000 members and still growing, it's the real deal. is part of The HUMMER Network which offers unparalleled services to the online Hummer community such as the Marketplace and the Hummer Knowledge Base.

The Hummer Network Marks its 25th Year of Dedication

  The Hummer Network, originally the HML (Hummer Mailing List), was the very first online Hummer community. It was founded on June 26, 1996. On June 26, 2021, the Hummer Network will mark its 25th birthday!
  Many thanks go out to the thousands of members who have contributed to the success of The Hummer Network over the years. The Hummer Network has grown considerably in all these years, and continues to grow and expand the variety of quality free services it provides to the online Hummer community. The Hummer Network is as strong today as it has ever been.

The Hummer Network Recommended by Haynes Manual

  The Hummer Network is recommended in the Haynes Humvee Manual. Reportedly, this manual contains the following quote:

"The best website for Humvee-related information is either The Hummer Network ( or Hummer Marketplace (, both of which provide a forum for owners and enthusiasts and also include vehicles and parts for sale."

The Haynes Humvee Manual is available from

The Hummer Network Named by Petersen's

  In its November 2006 issue, the leading off-roading journal Petersen's 4Wheel and Off-Road Magazine names The Hummer Network as the "Hummer Online Community We Like".

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